How Counseling Helps

There are a multitude of reasons why people seek counseling. It is not a sign of weakness or inability to solve your own problems if you seek guidance from a trained professional.

Counseling begins by affirming each person as a unique individual, shaped by their inborn personality, their personal life experiences, needs, and perceptions.  Counseling does not demand perfection, or change your personality.  Counseling seeks to understand the nature of a person's discontent and guide that person towards meaningful solutions.

Counselors form a safe, trusting relationship with each person, while addressing areas in life that cause difficulty.  This is done in a respectful, person centered way, which does not overwhelm you with negative emotions or blame.  Counselors share in your quest for a more fulfilling life.  Our joy comes from the privilege of enhancing the life journey of each and every individual that seeks our guidance.

Mind-Body Connection

Our minds and bodies are naturally "hardwired" from birth, with an innate system of protection or "Coping Skills" that develop over a lifetime. They are based on our instinctive drive for emotional safety and closeness. We are naturally primed to behave well, fear rejection, avoid physical harm, and emotional pain.

Coping skills are automatic, usually floating outside our awareness. Although we may not be consciously aware of it happening, our mind & body continually monitor our environment for danger and gives us physical warning signals.  An example is: having a "gut feeling", "intuition" or feelings of "dread, anxiety, or shame". Our Central Nervous System creates physical sensations that it sends to the logical part of your mind (Cerebral Cortex) to figure out what to do about this warning.

In less than a millisecond the Cerebral Cortex interprets these physical sensations, and gives you the precise reaction needed.  An example might be: If you become frustrated you might "feel tightness in the chest" and react to the tightness with Anger or Withdrawal.

Trouble is most of our coping skills are formed during early childhood and adolescence, without the benefit of mature wisdom.  When something in our current life unconsciously reminds us of past life events, our immature coping skills leap into action, causing a multitude of problems that mere logic cannot sort out.

I use Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a form of Mind Body psychotherapy, that takes advantage of this natural warning system. AEDP is a style of counseling that gently accesses your natural awareness, in the "here and now," of our sessions. This is done in a gentle, self-paced, non-judgmental fashion to enlighten you in the present moment. Together we sort out which coping skills have positive effects, and which ones are working against you.  Discovering how to enhance your positive coping skills leads to healthier responses and personal contentment.



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