About Victoria Sayles

My journey towards becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor began over 15 years ago while witnessing a loved one traverse the mental health and addiction recovery process, without success.  As we swirled through the revolving doors of "the system" we lost hope of ever finding "help that helps." I searched the Internet for countless hours, hoping to find state of the art treatment.  Each "keyword search" educated me about the complex causes and state of the art treatments for Mental Illness and Addiction. But this also left me saddened by the difficulty in finding these treatments in our area.

We joined The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI), an advocacy group that provides support, education, and advocacy for people whose lives have been impacted by mental health and/or addiction issues.  The NAMI "Family to Family" course enlightened us about mental illness, addiction, and the many pitfalls of the mental health system. In order to give back to NAMI, I volunteered to teach the NAMI Family to Family course; which deepened my understanding of other families' struggles.  I also became a NAMI advocate, lobbying County, State, and Federal Governments for change.  Time and again we came up against the "unsympathetic, deaf ears" of the powers that be.

Thus I struggled with how I could make a real difference beyond pounding the bureaucratic pavement.  This desire led to my career as a mental health professional. It has been a long journey, filled with trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

You will find I am truly sympathetic to all sides of the problem. I know first hand what it is like to witness a loved one suffer. I am also the counselor, on the opposite side of this painful situation,  making a difference in the lives of struggling people. I know how hard it can be to change, and I have seen many courageous people do it!

My passion continues to be fueled by the awesome privilege of being part of another person's self discovery and recovery. For that ongoing opportunity I am truly blessed!


Victoria Sayles, MA, LPC, CAADC


Why you might choose me as your counselor

From the outset we form a warm, trusting, alliance where you will feel deeply cared about, and understood. Together we will unlock your potential for healing. Please know that I view you as a whole person. I will not judge you because I believe that you have good reasons for how you currently think and behave.

My 10+ years of experience, skills, & therapeutic methods bring a depth of knowledge and compassion that my clients find refreshing and effective.  Let's join together to explore the possibilities...

My ideal client:

People seeking my help will be sincere about working collaboratively with me to facilitate change, reduce suffering, improve personal relationships, promote self-healing, increase personal empowerment, and fulfillment. As long as you want to find a new way of being, we will do our best to assist you in realizing your true potential.

A recent quote about my counseling style:

"She is a down to earth person that you could sit and talk with for hours. You'll feel as if she is on your side. You'll feel comfortable with her style of communicating without feeling forced into anything, and feel as if she respects you unconditionally. She truly has a gift for understanding people of all ages and for finding the right words to put things in perspective. Her mixture of compassion, witty sense of humor, intelligence, patience, and wisdom shines through."

I specialize in complex treatment issues including:

  • Abuse Survivors
  • Addictions & Compulsions
  • Anxiety & Panic
  • Attachment Issues & Abandonment Issues
  • Codependency / Dependency
  • Depression / Bipolar / Mood Swings / Mood Disturbannce
  • Divorce / Divorce Adjustment
  • Eating & Food Issues
  • Life Purpose / Meaning
  • Medication Management & Compliance
  • Mental Illness & Family Support (NAMI)
  • Post Traumatic Stress / Trauma
  • Self-Esteem / Self-Criticism / Self-Doubt
  • Self-Harm
  • Shame / Worthlessness
  • Social Anxiety  /  Isolation

Psychotherapeutic Focus:

  • Cognitive Behavioral CBT / REBT
  • Solution Focused
  • Client-Directed Therapy
  • Internal Family Systems Therapy
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)
  • Mindfulness Based Approaches / Focusing
  • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)
  • Body-Mind / Somatic / Sensory Therapy

Education, Certification, and Training:

  • Drexel University, Phila, PA, Bachelors of Arts in Behavioral Health & Addictions
  • Goddard College, Plainfield, VT, Masters Clinical Counseling
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
  • Certified Addictions Specialist Diplomate (CACD)
  • Trainer of NAMI's Family to Family Course
  • Accelerated Emotional Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)
    • Completed Third Year of a 3 Year AEDP Certification Program
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